04 December 2009

Mantra for the day...

Every woman in the United States can understand why this is today's mantra. The story behind why this is my personal mantra for the day isn't important. We've all been there... Luckily for me, I usually cut-and-run the moment that I find myself in any situation in which I have to make excuses for why a guy is treating me badly. Because, really, who wants to be THAT girl? You know her... She's the one who's constantly being shat upon, crafting fanciful stories about how the shit is really a symbol of how much he cares, and yet she finds herself eating every piece of food in her kitchen with even the smallest trace of sugar. THAT girl is sad, she's self-effacing, and she's convinced herself that small moments of affection are worth suffering for. (Not to mention that Ben & Jerry are her new biffers...)

So... repeat after me until the idea sticks... He's just not that into you... He's just not that into you... He's just not that into you.. He's just not that into you... I'm going to say that in my head a few hundred more times... He's just not that into you...


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