27 December 2009

Runners Up...

Here are some of the other photos submitted last week. I loved them all, so I figured I'd give a few of them a taste of the limelight before announcing this week's theme.

First... a fantastic t-shirt...

Best Breakfast Idea Since PopTarts

Then... some of our marsupial friends...

Watch out! Koalas can actually be quite ferocious.

An Italian favorite...

The meatballs worry me a bit.

And finally... some of our favorite frigid friends!!

Is it just me, or are his buttons sticking out??!!

This week's theme is going to be a little different. In honor of New Year's, I'm going to ask for the most deliciously alcoholic cupcake recipes you can find. (Remember my Irish Car Bomb cupcakes?) Pick your favorite liquor, and have at it!!


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