02 December 2009


The fug girls left me with a very sad image this morning. It was Rupert Everett after his second round of plastic surgery. If it weren't Rupert Everett, I'd probably say he looks okay, because I wouldn't know what the before looked like... but this is RUPERT EVERETT people!!! Here's the photo:


OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think of  Rupert often, but when I did, it was fondly, and so this really, truely breaks my heart. It has also inspired me to show photos of plastic surgery gone wrong. (Don't get me wrong... I'm sure I'll go under the knife when Louis and Clark turn 40, but I would never do THIS to my beautiful face.)

Oh, the cat lady... who hasn't seen this tradgedy?? There's no way she could have been aging badly enough to warrant the loss of her eyelids...

I don't know about you, but I thought 80's Mickey Rourke was SO FUCKING HOT!!!! I mean, his characters almost always had a psychotic side... but he just oozed raw sexuality. Admit it, you've seen 9 1/2 weeks, and thought to yourself: "Hey, maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to be someone's sex slave... at least we'd get to do it in an alley way while it was pouring down rain..." 

Okay, the photo I really wanted to put here was one where someone photoshopped Michael Jackson's nose falling off. After much debate, I decided that it was both disrespectful and disgusting... so I just found this photo instead. Looking at it... can you even believe that this kind of change is possible??!! If this is the case... then I should arguably be able to turn myself into Iman with just 30 years worth of plastic surgery and skin treatments.... hmmm... tempting...

No one really comments much on the plastic surgery tradgedy that is Priscilla Presley. She was so pretty!!! And don't be fooled... this photo looks pretty harmless... but if you watch any clip of her trying to speak... you'll quickly notice that her mouth can barely move. I do, however, commend her for no longer being a slave to draw-on eyebrows. 

Who am I missing?? It's hard to capture botox madness in photos... but perhaps you might be able to do it!!


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