18 December 2009

Spreading the Cupcake Warfare...

Kelley, Rachael, and Max have inspired me. I am hereby opening the cupcake competition to all of my readers!!!!! Here's how it's going to work... I've got a handy dandy email address for the blog - nerdyfitness@gmail.com - where you can send photos of the awesome cupcakes you find throughout the week. I'll peruse them, and after some serious consideration, the winner will be posted every Friday. GLORY WILL BE ALL YOURS!!!!!!

All that I ask, my loves, is that you don't do what Max did, and send me a dirty photograph that happens to have store-bought cupcakes in it. It was witty... I mean... the tag-line did say, "Look! Cupcakes!" and the one woman could have been forcing the other to look at the cupcakes with one hand, if it weren't for the fact that the other hand had managed to disappear in a way that I can only hope doesn't break rule #5 on my list. *shudder*

So, let's go for something more along the lines of the brilliance that Kelley and Rachael exhibited this week. Or, take this as inspiration:

I suggest searching as a means of procrastinating at work... it's a fantastic way to pass the day. Now...



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