18 December 2009

The word of the day...

Hello Kiddies!!

The word of the day is... BALANCE!

I actually mean this in a few ways, as it was inspired by my shoes: 4 1/2 inch snakeskin peep-toe pumps. First sense is obviously physical balance - as I've realized that I can now comfortably perch myself on scary-high stilettos. A girl once told me that you know you need to be wearing lower heels when your stiletto wears on an angle. I am proud to report to all of you that my heels wear evenly... there's no awkward heel tilt as I set one foot in front of the other. No one is walking behind me counting the steps before my ankle buckles, and I have to do the few running steps before pretending like nothing happened. (Which, by the way... I don't do. If my ankle buckles, I steady myself and then chuckle... I feel like honesty is the best policy when it comes to things that EVERYONE saw.)

Second sense starts with my outfit in general. While putting on my heels today, I came to a realization. In order to wear them and not look like my unpaid internship is being subsidized by "extracurricular activities," I needed to cover myself in a long cardigan and put a headband in my hair. In other words, to twist the line from Tropic Thunder, "You never go full hooker." And so, as I was trying to dance the line between adorable-with-some-killer-heels and street-walker-with-expensive-shoes, I came to the realization that my appearance tends to be the only part of my life in which I truly toe the line. For example(s): if I'm wearing a simple necklace, I pair it with more extravagant earrings... If my outfit is super casual, I make sure to wear my hair down... Hair up in a ponytail, and I spend more time on my makeup. And yet... dear readers... alcohol, working out, my internship, boys - just about everything else is kind of an homage to O-Town's "All or Nothing." (You know you're humming it to yourself now.)

So... the third sense has to do with life balance, but relies heavily on the previous wisdom gleamed from fashion. I mean, it stands to reason that my ability to edit should be transferable to other scenarios, given slight modifications. For instance... I could think of food the way that Coco Chanel thinks of accessories: "Before attacking the kitchen table at the office, load up on all the things you want, and then put one thing back." Or alcohol could be like how I plan out my more "edgy" outfits - making sure to have an appropriate blend of the hard (alcohol) and soft (drink). Really, it could work with everything... (I've got an example for boys, but I feel like they might be offended by the oversimplification.) My internship could even be equated to those times when you decide to do go all out with make-up and hair, only to wish that you had just tossed your hair up in a bun and smacked on some mascara - even though the first was probably overkill and the second means you're not getting anyone's number. I have yet to find a scenario that can't be solved with a fashion/beauty metaphor.

 I think I've stumbled upon something big... don't you agree?


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